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Meaningful patient involvement

The MTG guide for Integrated Care Systems
– September 2023

There is widespread variation in the instance and quality of meaningful patient involvement across the 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) of NHS England. This is seen throughout the structures, policies, and processes of the ICSs, from the omission of patient representatives on decision-making bodies – such as the Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) – to the neglect of clear consultation when decisions are made concerning a patient’s care.

Research and analysis conducted by the MTG has found that where a patient lives is the biggest determinant to whether they are involved in their care meaningfully, or at all.

Download the report here.

The MTG guide to meaningful patient involvement

The MTG guide to meaningful patient involvement
– December 2022

In 2022, the MTG formed a working group of patient group representatives in order to develop a guide to meaningful patient involvement. This guide identifies what is meant by meaningful patient involvement and highlights what organisations across the healthcare system are doing to involve patients in decision making processes.

It highlights good practice, identifies areas for improvement, and sets out a blueprint for what the MTG believes meaningful patient involvement should look like, with a series of recommendations.

Download the report here.

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