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Ongoing success of the Government’s backlog plan paves the way for more innovation

With the announcement that the NHS is on track to eliminate two-year waiters on the elective care backlog by the end of July, the Medical Technology Group welcomes the NHS’s ongoing commitment to using innovation through medical technology to tackle the health service’s most pressing challenges.

Back in February, we welcomed the government’s elective care recovery plan which saw a commitment to the increased use of medical technology to diagnose, treat and return patients to their normal life.

Commenting on the announcement, Barbara Harpham, chair of the MTG said, “Medical technology aimed at innovating pathways and treatment is playing a key role in the government’s plans to defeat the backlog.

“With the ICS system becoming statutory on the 1st July 2022, ongoing commitment to this innovation is key to coping with challenges to the health service beyond the pandemic.

“In the coming months we look forward to continuing to meet with NHS leaders and new ICS boards to ensure the best possible medical technology is accessible to every patient in the country.”

June 2022

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