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Harness the benefits of medical technology to futureproof NHS, medtech reception told

NHS leaders, MPs and patients met in Parliament in December to discuss ways to increase
access to medical technology to improve the NHS’s future provision of healthcare.
Ending variation, patient representation on decision-making bodies and improving the
adoption of innovation were all key themes that emerged during the event attended by
dozens of parliamentarians, NHS leaders and patients.

The reception also heard how such technology and innovation has played a pivotal role in
helping the NHS cope during the pandemic, with Dr Vin Diwakar, Medical Director for
Transformation from NHS England commenting on how some hospitals have discovered the
benefits of previously unused technology in order to cope with the unprecedented pressure
of the pandemic.

The collection of data to support the uptake of such technology also emerged as a key
theme, with Simon Bolton of NHS Digital explaining the ways the greater use of data is
emerging as a key factor for the adoption of innovation.

Two patient speakers, Dave Bracher and Mick Crozier, also spoke movingly about how
technology has allowed them to regain control of their lives as they recover from and live
with their respective conditions. Mr Crozier described himself as ‘one of the lucky ones’ with
regards to access to his treatment, referring to the ongoing problem of regional variation in
access to innovation on the NHS.

Looking forward to 2023, the Medical Technology Group promised to continue its work with
its Ration Watch campaign by highlighting best practice across the NHS in backlog recovery,
workforce initiatives and patient access to medical technology.

MPs also pledged their support, with co-host Rachael Maskell MP reiterating the ongoing
work of the Health and Social Care Committee to look into the importance of digital and
medical technology for the future of the NHS.

January 2023

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