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Deja Review: What lessons can we learn from the past?

Improving the way the NHS uses innovation has become the holy grail of NHS efficiency. In 2004, Derek Wanless described the NHS as a ‘late and slow adopter of innovation’ in his review, ‘Securing Good Health for the Whole Population’. 12 years on since that report and many people would argue that the situation remains the same, despite a series of initiatives and reports promoting better use of innovation.

The Accelerated Access Review will soon be published and with it we will see a range of new measures aimed at addressing an old problem. In this report The Medical Technology Group (MTG) will look at what can be learnt from previous initiatives and suggest ways the Accelerated Access Review (AAR) can have most impact. A clear focus will be on the most recent initiative- the Innovation, Health and Wealth Report published in 2011, looking at the reasons this did not have the impact that was expected.

We also set out the measures we think are necessary to having a lasting impact on the NHS’ use of innovative technology and the areas we believe the AAR should focus.

Areas the AAR should focus on:

  • Learn from previous innovation reports
  • Commit to a long term programme
  • Application of the available evidence
  • Breakdown budgetary barriers and incentivise innovation
  • Focus on implementation

Download the report.

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