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Medical Technology Awareness Week 2015

The Medical Technology Group’s 2015 parliamentary reception was once again the showcase event of Medical Technology Awareness Week. Over 150 parliamentarians, patient users, patient groups, industry members, healthcare professionals, commissioners and representatives from the NHS and other Government departments came together to discuss issues surrounding medical technologies, current barriers to uptake and the benefits of medical technology in both reducing costs to the NHS and improving patient outcomes.

This year, this week also aimed to highlight medical technology’s potential to generate efficiency savings in the NHS at a time when it is most needed and of the most importance.

The focus for 2015:

The focus of this year’s reception was on how far medical technology has progressed in the past 50 years and its future potential and value. The themed showcase had both medical technology devices from the past and the latest technology in use today on display, which highlighted some of the¬†huge advancements made and the¬†potential for medical technology to innovate further and be of even greater value to patients and health services.

Technology on display included thoracic stents, heart valves, ICDs, pacemakers, insulin pumps, hip and knee replacement technology, vascular stents and balloons, woundcare products, and InVivo diagnostics.

Read our report on the event.

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