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Medical Technology Awareness Week 2013

Over 140 clinicians, NHS staff, policymakers and parliamentarians mixed with patients and industry representatives to discuss the benefits that medical technology can have for patients. The focus of the parliamentary reception was to demonstrate the value of greater patient access to medical technology and how they can help patients get back to work, spend time with loved ones and get back to being themselves.

The MTG wanted parliamentarians and policy makers to understand the benefits that greater patient access to medical technology can deliver for the NHS and wider society.

Attendees were taken on a journey from head to toe – seeing for themselves how medical technology can benefit patients:

  • Head: deep brain stimulation (DBS), thrombectomy technology
  • Heart: thoracic stent, ICDs, CRTDs, pacemakers
  • Abdomen: insulin pump, hernia mesh, renal denervation technology
  • Hips & Knees: hip and knee replacement technology
  • Legs: vascular stents and balloons

Read our report on the event.

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